Sven Jacobsen

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Polylactides (PLA), biodegradable aliphatic polyesters, produced solely from renewable resources may substitute petrochemically based polymers in a broad range of applications in the near future, if we manage to produce them at lower cost and higher efficiency as nowadays. Possible applications include food packaging for meat and soft drinks, films for(More)
Several factors must be taken into account when deciding which specimen preparation technique(s) to use. These factors include the amount of material available, ease of preparing this material due to its properties and familiarity, location and size of the region of interest, amount of information sought, facilities accessible, and time available by the(More)
Although there are substantial differences between the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, it has been suggested that cryovolcanic activity at Enceladus could lead to electrodynamic coupling between Enceladus and Saturn like that which links Jupiter with Io, Europa and Ganymede. Powerful field-aligned electron beams associated with the Io-Jupiter(More)
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