Sven Jacobsen

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Scanning electron microscopy of human cadaver corneas revealed a selective binding of ruthenium red-osmium tetroxide to some substance coating the posterior endothelial surface. A coating material was not found on autolyzed cells, on denuded areas of the membrane of Descemet, or on the anterior surface of endothelial cells. Partial digestion of the coating(More)
Although there are substantial differences between the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, it has been suggested that cryovolcanic activity at Enceladus could lead to electrodynamic coupling between Enceladus and Saturn like that which links Jupiter with Io, Europa and Ganymede. Powerful field-aligned electron beams associated with the Io-Jupiter(More)
Interactions between pharmaceutical ingredients play an important role in the development of drug formulations. It was the aim of our present studies to investigate drug-polymer interactions. Interaction of the antiviral drug acyclovir with polyethylenimines, polyvinylamines and the non-ionic PVP was investigated using a modified equilibrium dialysis. The(More)