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In this paper we propose a new approach to privately compute the set-union cardinality and the set-intersection cardinality among multiple honest-but-curious parties. Our approach is inspired by a proposal of Ashok and Mukkamala (DBSec'14) which deploys Bloom filters to approximate the size tightly. One advantage of their solution is that it avoids ample(More)
Successful application of deduction systems in practice depends (besides other factors) on whether the huge sets of formulae encountered in mathematical knowledge bases can be eeciently maintained. This does not only apply to the eld of mathematics itself, but is crucial in hard-and software-veriication as well. The complexity induced by thousands of(More)
Diierent requirements for the representation of the factual knowledge for the use in mechanised reasoning systems are represented. In particular, we distinguish diier-ent types of knowledge: axioms, deenitions (for introducing concepts like \set" or \group") and theorems (for relating the concepts) for formulating concepts and their relationships, as well(More)
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