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In a highly mercury-burdened, small scale gold mining area in the Philippines, spontaneous urine samples were taken from 75 Hg intoxicated volunteers before (U1), and 2-3 hours after (U2) the oral application of 200 mg DMPS (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid, Dimaval). In the urine samples, the concentrations of organic and inorganic bound mercury were(More)
Behavioral methods of patient stress reduction during amalgam restorations were evaluated. Eighty adult patients were randomly assigned to one of four groups of 20 each: a control group, a relaxation group, a perceived control group, and an active distraction group. Both relaxation and distraction were found to be effective in reducing patient discomfort.
Relaxation and distraction techniques designed to reduce stress during operative dental procedures were evaluated with a number of different measures. The results indicate that both techniques can be effective in alleviating anxiety and reducing stress. Some findings suggested that relaxation was more effective with women than with men whereas distraction(More)
We have analysed the symptoms and respiratory function of a group of cheese processors making gruyère Comté in relation to a group of controls: 96 male cheese workers (mean age 36 +/- 11.1) and 97 controls who were of the male sex and of comparable age, height, weight and smoking habits. The cheese workers had a lower educational and professional level (p(More)
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