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This paper presents a method for optimal control of hybrid systems. An inequality of Bellman type is considered and every solution to this inequality gives a lower bound on the optimal value function. A dis-cretization of this " hybrid Bellman inequality " leads to a convex optimization problem in terms of finite-dimensional linear programming. From the(More)
Acknowledgments Acknowledgments This work has been supported by the EU/Esprit longtime research projects FAMIMO, Fuzzy Algorithms for Multiple Input Multiple Output systems and H 2 C, Heterogeneous Hybrid Control. I am very happy to work at the Department of Automatic Control in Lund, being surrounded by a lot of people that I admire for their brains as(More)
As part of a prospective, long-term treatment study, 30 in-patients with bulimia nervosa (BN) were divided into groups with high and low expressed emotion (EE) family backgrounds according to the Camberwell Family Interview, and followed for a period of six years. The high EE group initially showed significantly more psychopathology than the low EE group.(More)
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