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This paper presents a method for optimal control of hybrid systems. An inequality of Bellman type is considered and every solution to this inequality gives a lower bound on the optimal value function. A dis-cretization of this " hybrid Bellman inequality " leads to a convex optimization problem in terms of finite-dimensional linear programming. From the(More)
Acknowledgments Acknowledgments This work has been supported by the EU/Esprit longtime research projects FAMIMO, Fuzzy Algorithms for Multiple Input Multiple Output systems and H 2 C, Heterogeneous Hybrid Control. I am very happy to work at the Department of Automatic Control in Lund, being surrounded by a lot of people that I admire for their brains as(More)
BACKGROUND In both Sweden and Australia high incidence rates of skin cancer have become a major health problem. In prevention and risk communication, it is important to have reliable ways for identifying people with risky sun habits. In this study the validity and reliability of the questionnaire Sun Exposure Protection Index (SEPI), developed to assess(More)
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