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This work investigates feedforward control of elastic robot structures. A general serial link elastic robot model which can describe a modern industrial robot in a realistic way is presented. The feedforward control problem is discussed and a solution method for the inverse dynamics problem is proposed. This method involves solving a differential algebraic(More)
High performance robot manipulators, in terms of cycle time and accuracy, require well designed control methods, based on accurate dynamic models. Robot manipulators are traditionally described by the flexible joint model or the flexible link model. These models only consider elasticity in the rotational direction. When these models are used for control or(More)
In this paper we present a new method for identification of robot manipulators with coupled inertia dynamics. The main contributions of the work are a) The parameters of a mechanical mass-spring-coupled masses equivalent of any order with coupled mass-terms are identified given only partial state information. b) The method is fully automatic with no(More)
The use of integrated business software can be instrumental in reducing the difficulties occurring when various information systems have to be integrated. As a downside of this and due to the fact that these systems are designed to be used in all sorts of enterprises, the internal complexity of these systems increases exponentially. Software product lines(More)
In this paper we present an identification algorithm for the rigid-body parameters of an industrial ABB robot wrist. The main contributions of our work are 1) the demonstration of rigid-body dynamic identification algorithms on large industrial robots, for which we handle complex internal couplings of the manipulator wrist, as shown in the experiments. 2)(More)
A method for estimating the Multivariable Frequency Response Function (MFRF) is evaluated with respect to different disturbance properties and excitation signals. For the robot application, disturbances are mainly of a periodic nature, and Gaussian disturbance descriptions, which are often used in identification literature, do not give the same result. It(More)
During pregnancy an environment allowing installation of tolerance toward the fetus is set up locally at the materno-fetal interface. Numerous effectors of immunity are involved in this tolerance (NK cell, T cell, Macrophages, dendritic cell). Specific mechanisms during pregnancy attract locally these immunological cells. In the decidua, they are educated(More)
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