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The proportion of unpigmented coat on the trunk was determined from photographs of 38 German Simmental and 627 German Holstein bulls distributed over three generations. All 665 animals were members of 18 Holstein and 3 Simmental half-sib families. A Bayesian estimation of heritability yielded a posterior mean of 0.88 and a standard error of 0.08. A(More)
Twenty paternal half-sib families of a granddaughter design were genotyped for 265 genetic markers, most of them microsatellites. These were 16 Holstein families, 3 Simmental families, and 1 Brown Swiss family. The number of sires per breed was 872, 170, and 32, respectively. Two-point recombination rates were estimated both jointly for all breeds and each(More)
Alleles at a microsatellite locus within the macrophage expressed lysozyme gene were shown to co-segregate with lysozyme activity in two half-sib families of Polish Black and White Lowland cattle. The bimodal distribution of lysozyme activities in both progeny groups is concordant with the occurrence of the alternative paternal alleles. The microsatellite(More)
Heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA) were systematically studied concerning their partition behavior in water/oil-systems and their thermostability in different animal derived fats and vegetable oils. Partitioning of IQx-compounds and PhIP in water/oil systems was found to depend on the polarity defined by the molecular structure and on the pH-value of the(More)
Genes determining the bovine erythrocyte antigens were mapped by linkage analysis. In total 9591 genotypes of 20 grandsire families with 1074 sires from a grand-daughter design were elucidated for the genes determining the erythrocyte antigens EAA, EAB, EAC, EAF, EAJ, EAL, EAM, EAN', EAR', EAS, EAT', and EAZ according to standard paternity testing(More)
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