Sven Eric Panitz

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A modular property of term rewriting systems is one that holds for the direct sum of two disjoint term rewriting systems iff it holds for every involved term rewriting system. A term rewriting system is r-consistent iff there is no term that can be rewritten to two different variables. We show that the subclass of left-linear and r-consistent term rewriting(More)
reduction e e0 if e!# e0 Approximation C[e] C[Ti] j e Ti is a new variable. Argument saturation e e Ti where Ti is a new variable. If e is a HNF where the head is a supercombinator Branching C[caseA T1 e1 : : : em] fT1 7! (cA;1 T1;1 : : : T1;n1)gC[e1 T1;1 : : : T1;n1 ] j : : : j fT1 7! (cA;m Tm;1 : : : Tm;nm)gC[em Tm;1 : : : Tm;nm ] Where Ti;j are new(More)
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