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A multilevel meta-analysis of studies reporting correlations between the h index and 37 different h index variants Keywords: h index h index variants Meta-analysis Multilevel analysis a b s t r a c t This paper presents the first meta-analysis of studies that computed correlations between the h index and variants of the h index (such as the g index; in(More)
We explore if and how Microsoft Academic (MA) could be used for bibliometric analyses. First, we examine the Academic Knowledge API (AK API), an interface to access MA data, and compare it to Google Scholar (GS). Second, we perform a comparative citation analysis of researchers by normalizing data from MA and Scopus. We find that MA offers structured and(More)
This is the first in-depth study on the coverage of Microsoft Academic (MA). The coverage of a verified publication list of a university was analyzed on the level of individual publications in MA, Scopus, and Web of Science (WoS). Citation counts were analyzed and issues related to data retrieval and data quality were examined. A Perl script was written to(More)
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