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The higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) is an important model for identifying plant genes and determining their function. To assist biological investigations and to define chromosome structure, a coordinated effort to sequence the Arabidopsis genome was initiated in late 1996. Here we report one of the first milestones of this project, the(More)
A total of 247 mycoplasma strains was isolated from 435 lungs, tracheobronchial secretions and nasal swabs originating from cattle with symptoms of bronchopneumonia. Mycoplasma (M.) bovis was found 89 times (36%) and was the most common mycoplasma species in the lungs. M. bovirhinis, M. bovigenitalium, M. spec. and Acholeplasma (A.) laidlawii were isolated(More)
Flexible robot assistants allow reducing the costs of acquisition for the automation of small lot sizes in industrial assembly. To additionally decrease the cost for initial start-up and to reach profitability, new concepts for programming these systems are needed. This work describes an approach for a human-machine-interface that enables operators without(More)
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