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Helicobacter pylori can cause peptic ulcer disease and/or gastric cancer. Adhesion of bacteria to the stomach mucosa is an important contributor to the vigour of infection and resulting virulence. H. pylori adheres primarily via binding of BabA adhesins to ABO/Lewis b (Leb) blood group antigens and the binding of SabA adhesins to sialyl-Lewis x/a (sLex/a)(More)
  • Sridhar Elluri, Constance Enow, Svitlana Vdovikova, Pramod K. Rompikuntal, Mitesh Dongre, Sven Carlsson +3 others
  • 2014
BACKGROUND Outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) released from Gram-negative bacteria can serve as vehicles for the translocation of virulence factors. Vibrio cholerae produce OMVs but their putative role in translocation of effectors involved in pathogenesis has not been well elucidated. The V. cholerae cytolysin (VCC), is a pore-forming toxin that lyses target(More)
Complex processes have become more common and include, for example, knowledge workers ie people who work with more complex and problematic tasks. Our interest is to better understand how a problematic and complex situation in an organization should be model. Four major process oriented modeling techniques has been analyzed using Moody's quality criterion(More)
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