Sven C. Völpel

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In recent years, there has been an ongoing, worldwide debate about the representation of females in companies. Our study aimed to meta-analytically investigate the controversial relationship between female representation on corporate boards and firm financial performance. Following a systematic literature search, data from 20 studies on 3097 companies(More)
Attaining value from nationality diversity requires active diversity management, which organizations often employ in the form of diversity training programs. Interestingly, however, the previously reported effects of diversity training are often weak and, sometimes, even negative. This situation calls for research on the conditions under which diversity(More)
Universities are confronted with new demands for change. In short, this transition can be described as a transition from a European state-financed Humboltian tradition emphasising free research and self-government to a postmodern tradition introducing strategic management, marketisation, performance measurement and privatisation to both research and(More)
Employee identification is an important asset for contemporary organizations and therefore needs to be managed actively. Interestingly, the social identity approach to leadership suggests that leadership behavior might shape employee identification. Combining this approach with recent insights into the multi-foci nature of identification, this study(More)
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