Sven Bone

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Although ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) has been shown to promote the survival of magnocellular neurons when applied exogenously to explants of the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei (SON) in vitro, little is known regarding its expression or regulation in the adult magnocellular neurosecretory system (MNS) following injury in vivo. Therefore, we(More)
Lane change is a very demanding maneuver. Therefore, a maneuver-based lane change assistance system has been developed which, by means of a single-task-combining assistance concept, supports the driver from the driver's first lane change intention through the final movement of the vehicle from the initial to the target lane, without automatization of the(More)
Research on computer vision systems for driver assistance resulted in a variety of isolated approaches mainly performing very specialized tasks like, e. g., lane keeping or traffic sign detection. However, for a full understanding of generic traffic situations, integrated and flexible approaches are needed. We here present a highly integrated vision(More)
Das vorliegende Dokument ist die pdf-Version zu einem Discussion Paper des WZB. Obschon es inhaltlich identisch zur Druckversion ist, können unter Umständen Verschiebungen/Abweichungen im Bereich des Layouts auftreten (z.B. bei Zeilenumbrüchen, Schriftformaten und – größen u.ä.) Diese Effekte sind softwarebedingt und entstehen bei der Erzeugung der(More)
In the matter of Mrs. Catherine Cumming. The title to traverse an inquisition by a person who has been found lunatic is a matter of right; but the Court, before granting the writ, will satisfy itself, by personal (or other) examination, that the alleged lunatic is able to exercise volition, and really desires to traverse the finding of the jury. In order to(More)
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