Sven Adler

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BACKGROUND Facing numerous challenges, such as illness, storms or human disturbance, some harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) pups lose contact to their dams and are found abandoned along the North Sea coast. In Schleswig-Holstein, pups with the prospect of surviving rehabilitation are admitted to the Seal Center Friedrichskoog. Despite elaborate clinical health(More)
Lesser black-backed gulls Larus fuscus are considered to be mainly pelagic. We assessed the importance of different landscape elements (open sea, tidal flats and inland) by comparing marine and terrestrial foraging behaviours in lesser black-backed gulls breeding along the coast of the southern North Sea. We attached GPS data loggers to eight incubating(More)
The European Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) aims to improve and maintain the water quality of lakes and rivers. Diatoms play an important role for implementing the EU WFD as they are widely used to assess water quality. To asses and use diatom-based evaluations in practice, it is essential to know and to minimize the analyst-dependent variability of the(More)
Using published paleolimnological results from 14 dimictic calcareous lakes, this study identifies total phosphorous (TP) reference values for the European lake type CB 1. The initial increase in settlement-associated pollen occurred in the catchments between ad ~1000 and ~1820. A departure from diatom-inferred TP reference conditions occurred during(More)
Purpose To investigate the clinical rationale and agreement between raters for making Ayurvedic diagnoses, using a mixed methods approach. Methods Three 30 minute Ayurvedic assessments, including a history and limited physical exam, were videotaped and then viewed by Ayurvedic clinicians. The clinicians were asked to identify the primary and secondary dosha(More)
Purpose To describe an approach to the development of manua-lized protocols for Ayurveda as a whole system of medicine ; to characterize an Ayurvedic perspective on the pathophysiology, etiologies, and supportive treatments for an allopathic diagnosis of cancer. Methods Hour-long, digitally recorded interviews were conducted with experienced Ayurvedic(More)
Purpose The burden of cancer mortality is disproportionately borne by low-income women, but what is known about the experience at end of life (EOL)—including ways to improve quality of life (QOL)—may not apply to under-served women. In order to develop an integrative approach to EOL care that is sensitive to the needs of the underserved, we developed and(More)
Purpose An increasing number of academic health institutions are committed to integrative medicine (IM) principles, including partnership between patient and practitioner; colla-borative, interprofessional health care; and promotion of health and the prevention of illness. The objective of this five-year project is to develop, implement, evaluate, and(More)
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