Sven A. F. Tulner

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Mechanical dyssynchrony is an important codeterminant of cardiac dysfunction in heart failure. Treatment, either medical, surgical, or by pacing, may improve cardiac function partly by improving mechanical synchrony. Consequently, the quantification of ventricular mechanical (dys)synchrony may have important diagnostic and prognostic value and may help to(More)
PURPOSE Recently we coined the term supercutaneous plating using a locking compression plate (LCP) as an external fixator. The use of this technique in peri-articular areas is facilitated by the development of anatomical plates with various screw sizes. The purpose of this report is to describe our results using the metaphyseal locking plate (LCP) as an(More)
Radical resection of primary or solitary secondary malignant sternal tumours is indicated in patients without metastases. Sternal reconstruction may be indicated in large defects to prevent pulmonary complications, to achieve protection of intra-thoracic organs and to obtain a good aesthetic result. In this article, a modified surgical technique is(More)
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