Sveltlana Shulga-Morskaya

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Myelin-associated inhibitory factors (MAIFs) are inhibitors of CNS axonal regeneration following injury. The Nogo receptor complex, composed of the Nogo-66 receptor 1 (NgR1), neurotrophin p75 receptor (p75), and LINGO-1, represses axon regeneration upon binding to these myelin components. The limited expression of p75 to certain types of neurons and its(More)
The B cell activating factor BAFF (BlyS/TALL-1/zTNF4) is a tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related ligand that promotes B cell survival and binds to three receptors (BCMA, TACI, and the recently described BAFF-R). Here we report an absolute requirement for BAFF in normal B cell development. Examination of secondary lymphoid organs from BAFF-deficient mice(More)
Several EF-hand recoverin mutants were obtained and their abilities to bind to photoreceptor membranes and to inhibit rhodopsin kinase were determined. The mutants with the 'spoiled' 2nd, 3rd or (2nd+3rd) EF-hand structures did not act upon the kinase activity in the microM range of Ca2+ concentrations. Mutations of the 4th EF hand, which 'repaired' its(More)
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