Svante Ekelin

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maintains a current estimate, which is incrementally improved with each new measurement of the inter-packet time separations in a sequence of probe packet pairs. The measurement model has a strong non-linearity, and would not at first sight be considered suitable for Kalman filtering, but we show how this non-linearity can be handled. BART may be tuned(More)
In the Internet today, end-user applications cannot get bandwidth guarantees from the network. Instead, bandwidth measures, such as available bandwidth and link capacity, must be measured whereafter the application can adapt its send rate to the bandwidth measurement estimate. An example application that rely on bandwidth measurements is TV transmission in(More)
This paper presents a method for improving filter-based network-state estimation by adding detection and estimation of sudden changes in the system state. This can be of benefit in various contexts, e.g. in network management and adaptive streaming applications. In particular, it is shown that the performance of available-bandwidth estimation can be(More)
We investigate the possibility that gamma-ray bursts originate in a concentric spherical shell with a given average redshift and find that this is indeed compatible with the data from the third BATSE (3B) catalog. It is also shown that there is enough freedom in the choice of unknown burst properties to allow even for extremely large distances to the(More)
—In a class of methods for measurement of available path capacity and other capacity-related metrics in a network, trains of probe packets are transmitted from a sender to a receiver across a network path, and the sequences of time stamps at sending and reception are analyzed. In large-scale implementations there may potentially be interference between the(More)