Suzzette Fontenelle Chopin

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Several dissections were performed to determine the level of spinal cord termination and the vertebral level at which the dorsal and ventral roots of spinal nerves C1-S4 emerged from the spinal cord in the rat. These levels of emergence were then compared to the level of exit from the vertebral canal. The dissections demonstrated that the effect of(More)
Spinal rats exposed to an instrumental avoidance routine in a counterbalanced Horridge paradigm were able to achieve successively higher criteria. Both experimental and yoked control animals were capable of instrumental avoidance conditioning to incremental criteria; experimental animals exhibited retention of the task when tested. During acquisition, naive(More)
Curanderismo, widely practiced in the southwest, is an alternative medical system that has been neglected by scientific research. This project analyzed the antibiotic properties of 23 common herbal remedies used in South Texas to treat wounds and infections. Ethanolic tinctures and aqueous extracts of each plant were prepared and applied to blank diffusion(More)
Eight pairs of spinal rats were exposed to an instrumental conditioning paradigm in which one animal served as the experimental and the other as a yoked control animal. An electrode, inserted into the experimental animal's foot, contacted an aqueous solution delivering shock to both animals. Leg flexion terminated the shock. Following two consecutive min(More)
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