Suzie S. Weng

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate an outpatient anaesthetic and surgical procedure for the correction of curvature of the penis. PATIENTS AND METHODS From February 1993 to December 1995, 128 patients (mean age 31 years, range 14-67) with penile curvature (120 with congenital curvature and eight with penile deformity from Peyronie's disease) were treated as(More)
This paper focuses on older adults and the aging concerns of this population among groups of Asian American communities in a specific state in the southern region of the United States. A qualitative approach was used to gain a more in-depth understanding of issues related to aging from caregivers who are Asian American leaders from a community perspective.(More)
Purpose of the study Home health aides (HHAs) provide valuable resources to address existing and predicted needs for taking care of the aging population. Both the older adult and healthcare provider populations in the United States are becoming increasingly diverse. The study examined the effect of culture and language discordance between HHAs and their(More)
This qualitative study used snowball sampling of individuals known to provide informal assistance to Asian American community members with their mental health problems in a locality in the South where there has been an exponential increase of the Asian American population. The major themes found include: (1) the existence of cultural, language, knowledge,(More)
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