Suzie Greenhalgh

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around the world. It is a market-based approach that works alongside water quality regulation to improve water quality, providing fl exibility in how regulations are met and potentially lowering regulatory compliance and abatement costs. Our research identifi ed 57 water quality trading programs worldwide. Of these, 26 are active, 21 are under consideration(More)
AIMS To pilot an educational programme (KICk-OFF) for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM). Evaluation included (i) independent assessment of curriculum quality, (ii) acceptability to families and (iii) possible impact on standardised outcome measures (HbA1c, body mass index (BMI), diary reports of hypoglycaemia, quality of life(More)
AIMS To compare the accuracy and acceptability of capillary blood glucose testing from the forearm with finger prick testing in diabetic children. METHODS Blood glucose measurements from samples taken from the forearm and the finger were compared in an outpatient setting from 52 children and adolescents with diabetes mellitus aged 6-17 years. Opinions on(More)
The incidence of diabetes among school children is increasing. Apart from parents, school teachers are the main carers of school-aged children. Teachers generally have a poor level of knowledge about diabetes and its management. Better communication and dissemination of information between the specialist health visitors, school nurses and teachers is(More)
In support of natural resource and ecosystem service policy, monetary value estimates are often presented to decision makers along with other types of information. There is some evidence that, presented with such 'mixed' information, people prioritise monetary over non-monetary information. We conduct a discrete choice experiment among New Zealand decision(More)
The rapid increase in oil prices has spurred intense interest in alternative energy sources, with biofuels being one of the more debated and controversial alternatives. In the United States, existing and proposed biofuel policies and the increased price of oil have led to a rapid expansion of ethanol supply. With U.S. federal government policies like the(More)