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We describe a novel procedure for measuring instrumental sexual behavior in the male rat by using a second-order schedule of presentation of sexual reinforcement, an estrous female. Experimental assessment and validation of the paradigm have been achieved by examining (a) the importance of the conditioned stimulus in maintaining instrumental responding by(More)
Thirty-eight 3- to 5-year-old children with unilateral lesions sustained pre- or peri-natally were studied longitudinally over a 2-year period, and their IQ scores compared with those of 20 "medical' controls. The failure to discover laterality effects following early unilateral injury supports the hypothesis of at least broad functional equipotentiality.(More)
We present a longitudinal study of children in the first two years of learning to read. A battery of tests of phonological skills administered when the children were prereaders identified two distinct and relatively independent factors, Rhyming (defined by measures of rhyme detection and rhyme production) and Segmentation (defined by measures of phoneme(More)
The present study investigated hemispheric asymmetries in the perception of positive and negative emotion. The moderating effect of depression on hemispheric asymmetries was also examined. Forty undergraduates were presented with happy and sad faces using a bilateral visual half-field design. Subjects were classified as depressed or nondepressed based on(More)
Two studies investigated young children's use of analogies in reading. In Study 1, 6-year-old children were trained to criterion on a series of clue words. Following training, they read more words that shared spelling patterns with the clue words than control words. However, this effect was reduced when the clue word was not exposed at post-test. Study 2(More)
Join the Center for Faculty Excellence in November for some fun and informative workshops. You'll learn how to piece together the puzzle that is grant writing and participate in 'speed-dating' teaching methodologies. Read on for more details! For the past decade, the MSU VOICE Center has been facilitating educational presentations with students and the(More)
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