Suzhou Li

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A new improvement based on outlet fractionation and feedback has been developed for simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography. In this contribution, this fractionation and feedback SMB (FF-SMB) concept is extended to the general scenario which integrates a simultaneous fractionation of both outlet streams. A model-based optimization approach, previously(More)
An enrichment step is proposed to simulated moving bed chromatography with fractionation and feedback (FF-SMB), a new variation of SMB, to concentrate recyclates before they are fed back into the unit. Effectiveness of this operation is evaluated by systematic optimization studies. Case studies reveal that enriching recyclates is advantageous to FF-SMB and(More)
SMB represents one of the widely established periodic adsorption processes and its periodic and nonlinear dynamics presents a significant challenge to the formulation and solution of the optimal startup issue. A multistage startup concept allowing to adjust operating conditions stage-wise is proposed. The startup problem is then formulated aiming at driving(More)
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