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Effects of total flavonoids of Epimedium sagittatum on the mRNA expression of the estrogen receptor α and β in hypothalamus and hippocampus in ovariectomized rats.
TFE can improve BMD of vertebra in the OVX rats without side effects on the uterus, and the mechanism may be related to increasing the mRNA expressions of ERα and ERβ in hypothalamus and hippocampus.
[Research on relationship between tissue quantitative distribution of 3H-Achyranthes bidentata ecdysterone and channel-tropism of herbal drugs in mice].
The above mentioned selective distribution of 3H-achyranthes bidentata ecdysterone basically coincides with the meridian affinity and zang fu selection of the traditional Chinese medicine drug Achyranthebidentata.
[Experimental study on effect of anhydroicaritin phytosomes in preventing and treating bone loss and enhancing bone quality in ovariectomized osteoporosis rats].
AIP could inhibit enhanced bone turnover induced by ovariectomy, improve BMD the biomechanical properties of vertebrae, without any stimulation on uterus.