Suzette Sorensen

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1. The purpose of this study was to study in rats and rabbits the ontogenetic development of the blood-brain barrier to macromolecules and the ontogenetic development of concentration differences between plasma and cerebrospinal fluid for ions which are known to be transported actively across the choroid plexus and the blood-brain barrier.2. By comparing(More)
BACKGROUND Individual cellular heterogeneity within the acute myeloid leukemia (AML) bone marrow samples can be observed by multi parametric flow cytometry analysis (MFC) indicating that immunophenotypic screening for leukemic blast subsets may have prognostic impact. MATERIAL AND METHODS Samples from de novo AML patients of all cytogenetic risk groups(More)
Two cases of increased intracranial pressure associated with lumbar intraspinal tumours are reported. On the basis of protein investigations and constant flow infusion manometric tests, the pathophysiology of the increased intracranial pressure is discussed. It is demonstrated that protein macromolecules leak from the tumour into the cerebrospinal fluid and(More)
Rats were subjected to total cerebral ischemia by occluding outflow from the heart. In control experiments and following different periods of ischemia, potassium concentration was measured in cisternal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). It rose to 19.4 mEq/liter following 16 minutes of ischemia. Changes in cerebrovascular resistance (CVR) were also assessed by(More)
We reviewed the records of 35 patients with meningeal carcinomatosis and primary lung or breast cancer in an effort to identify prognostic factors. No definite associations were found. The prognosis for these patients continues to be poor; the median duration of survival after the diagnosis of meningeal carcinomatosis was 43 days in our study group.