Suzanne Quin

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Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, a study of 77 families was undertaken to examine the long-term psychosocial effects of cancer on children and their families. This paper focuses specifically on the findings in relation to the parents' subgroup of the overall study. Key findings were that the majority of parents and their children readjust to(More)
In this article the authors present findings on professional carers' experience of providing pediatric palliative care to children with life-limiting conditions. For this qualitative study, part of a national pediatric palliative care needs analysis, the authors engaged in 15 focus group interviews and drew on the responses of open-ended questions to give(More)
Part 1 of the study described the development of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based programme and accompanying handbook for the control of mastitis. This paper describes the implementation and evaluation of customised HACCP-based programmes, which were developed from the handbook and assessed on six Irish dairy farms. Both(More)
This article presents the findings of research conducted with social workers in primary health care teams in Ireland. Data from questionnaires and from a focus group were analyzed. The findings draw attention to the nature of the role of the primary care social worker, including both the satisfying and challenging aspects of this role. It was evident that(More)
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