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Environmental contaminants such as methylmercury which bio-accumulate in aquatic ecosystems present an exposure risk to Aboriginal peoples living traditional lifestyles. The results of a 20 year testing program of methylmercury exposure levels of 38,571 Canadian Aboriginal people in 514 native communities across Canada are presented. 608 individuals had(More)
  • Min Ing, Min Er Als Di, +34 authors R E Lett
  • 2010
is try of Energy , Mines and Pe tro leum Re sources). Parts of this pub li ca tion may be quoted or re pro duced if source and au thor ship are ac knowl edged. The fol low ing is the rec om mended for mat for ref er enc ing in di vid ual works con tained in this pub li ca tion: This pub li ca tion is also avail able, free of charge, as col our dig i tal(More)
Highly deformed, low-grade metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of the Eagle Bay Assemblage host the volcanogenic (?) massive sulphide Twin Mountain and Rea deposits, and the Samatosum vein deposit. The Twin Mountain deposit consists of sulphide-bearing quartz-carbonate-barite lenses hosted by sericitized and silicified schists of volcanic origin. The Rea(More)
Dense, vertically aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes were synthesized on TiN electrode layers for infrared sensing applications. Microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and Ni catalyst were used for the nanotubes synthesis. The resultant nanotubes were characterized by SEM, AFM, and TEM. Since the length of the nanotubes influences sensor(More)
Magnesium raw materials are available worldwide. In the free market, the prevailing price of primary magnesium metal determines which combinations of raw material/extraction method are economically viable. Over the last 20 years, China's exports benefited from favourable currency exchange rates and positive relations with the USA and European countries. Lax(More)
Vanadium dioxide (VO2) exhibits a reversible insulator-metal phase transition that is of significant interest in energy-efficient nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices. In these applications, crystalline materials are usually preferred for their superior electrical transport characteristics as well as spatial homogeneity and low surface roughness over the(More)
We measured the current-voltage and infrared optical transmission characteristics of thin film VO<sub>2</sub> wires over the metal-insulator phase transition. The phase transition had electrical or thermal characteristics depending on the wire geometry and applied current.