Suzanne Mills Crawford

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The purpose of this study was to find out what proportion of patients are referred as lung cancer guidelines assume, whether different referral pathways result in different management and what proportion of patients are seen within recommended time intervals between referral and treatment. A randomly selected sample of 400 lung cancer cases registered with(More)
BACKGROUND UK residents' healthcare is free of charge but uptake varies. Cancer survival is inferior to that of other Western European countries. We have used cancer registry data to assess factors associated with access to diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in northern England. METHOD We assigned 34 923 lung cancer patients diagnosed between 1994 and(More)
Serum beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2-m) is frequently increased in patients with myelomatosis. The possibility that it could provide a biochemical indicator of prognosis was tested in a group of 129 patients from 3 centres, all serum analyses being carried out in one laboratory by radioimmunoassay. A strong association between the pretreatment serum beta 2-m(More)
We have studied the influence of the peripheral vasodilator hydralazine (HDZ) on the vasculature and blood perfusion of two members of a series of subcutaneous murine adenocarcinomata of the colon (MAC tumours), and the influence of HDZ on the efficacy and/or toxicity of TCNU and melphalan. The fluorescent DNA stain Hoechst 33342, showed that HDZ caused a(More)
This teacher-researcher/university-researcher collaboration focuses on teaching and learning in untracked English classes, but has implications for all classrooms where students have different needs. We primarily examine the teacher-researcher's (Delp's) eighth-grade untracked English class but also include data from a group of beginning teachers learning(More)
BACKGROUND The National Epirubicin Adjuvant Trial (NEAT) and BR9601 trials tested the benefit of epirubicin when added to cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil (E-CMF) compared with standard CMF in adjuvant chemotherapy for women with early breast cancer. This report details longer follow-up with interesting additional time-dependent analyses.(More)
This study was originally designed as a phase I/II study, with a dose escalation of docetaxel in combination with epirubicin 50 mg m(-2) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) 200 mg m(-2) day(-1). However, as dose escalation was not possible, the study is reported as a phase II study of the combination to assess response and toxicity. A total of 51 patients with(More)
Alpha-2 HS Glycoprotein (a2HS) is the human analogue of bovine G2B glycoprotein and rabbit a glycoprotein. It is presumed to be secreted in the liver, and it is known to be taken up by bone, where it is concentrated 30-300 fold compared with other plasma proteins (Triffitt et al., 1976). Its physiological role is unknown although it has opsonic properties.(More)
A total of 61 eligible patients with metastatic cancer have been treated in a series of Phase II trials of the novel pentacyclic pyrroloquinone, fosquidone. Tumour types were colorectal (23), renal (21), and non small cell lung (17). No patient had received prior chemotherapy. The drug was given intravenously as a 20 min infusion at the dose of 120 mg-2 on(More)
We wish to report an adverse effect of frequent administration of anthracycline cytotoxic drugs, affecting both nails and the palmar and plantar skin. Case 1 J.K., a 70-year-old woman, presented with liver metastases from a carcinoma of uncertain origin. She received chemo-therapy including doxorubicin (Adriamycin) at a dose of 20mg per square metre per(More)