Suzanne Menzel

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74 persons of Northern European origin with recent primary exposure to Leishmania tropica in Saudi Arabia were examined for their antibody responses to leishmaniae with the fluorescent antibody test (FAT), the complement fixation reaction. (CFR), and the indirect hemagglutination test (IHA). The FAT detected antibodies to L. donovani in 19 of the 41(More)
One hundred thirteen women and 27 healthy controls were studied throughout pregnancy, at delivery, and followed up with their babies during lactation. Thirty-eight of the mothers with lepromatous leprosy were found to have solid-staining bacilli in skin smears or biopsies, and hence were considered potentially highly infectious to their unborn children by(More)
Fifty-four household contacts of lepromatous patients, 39 household contacts of tuberculoid patients, and 99 control persons were examined with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for their antibody responses to phenolic glycolipid-I (PGL-I) of Mycobacterium leprae using a synthetic analog (PGL-ISA) with the same terminal sugar epitope, namely, O-(3,(More)
Peer tutoring is a simple, low-cost intervention that can be implemented in CS1/2 courses. It is hypothesized that peer tutoring helps students build a sense of community, succeed in course work, and build confidence to take further courses in the major. This paper examines the latter two hypotheses by examining the predicted and actual behavior of students(More)
Science. Sessions spanned the gamut of foundational concepts of object-oriented programming in Java to network games. A theme of the workshop was to address the problem of the ever-shrinking pipeline of women in the IT field. With this in mind, we also conducted a separate session titled " Where have all the women gone? " Judging by participant feedback,(More)
Fifty-three household contacts of lepromatous patients, 37 household contacts of tuberculoid patients, and 91 control persons were examined with the lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) for their responses to whole and sonicated antigen preparations from M. leprae, to BCG, M. avium, M. gordonae, and phytohemagglutinin (PHA). The study was carried out in the(More)
Outreach programs communicating the importance and diversity of computing to K-12 students are essential to improving attitudes toward computing. However, the effectiveness of outreach programs, and roadshows in particular, has only recently come under study. <i>Just Be</i> is an outreach roadshow program at Indiana University. It directly addresses(More)
This paper is about building a pipeline of underrepresented students from high schools to graduate schools, with outreach programs at each of the 10 HBCUs serving as a crucial middle link. The glue that holds the pipeline together is a mutual and collaborative effort to develop outreach programs at each of the 10 HBCUs. The HBCUs benefit from increased(More)
The pipeline of incoming computer science students has shriveled to half its size three years ago and, despite efforts to reverse the trend, the proportion of women students continues to dwindle. Computer science departments are realizing that immediate measures are needed to attract and retain undergraduate students. To address both the retention problem(More)