Suzanne McPhee

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INTRODUCTION The impact of a urology oncology nurse specialist in the practice environment to assist with both pre and postoperative education needs of men undergoing genitourinary surgery for cancer was evaluated. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to improve the preoperative process and teaching for men planning surgery for genitourinary cancers, including the(More)
All 10 placebo-controlled studies of the psychomotor effects of paroxetine are reviewed. The total number of subjects is 195. The majority of studies show little or no effect of paroxetine on psychomotor function. No adverse effects are apparent at the dose of 20 mg/day, although minor impairments can be identified at 40 mg/day. An overview of the data(More)
The study was conducted to find out if intermittent self dilatation (ISD) is still a viable option for treatment of urethral strictures in patients who had undergone either urethral dilatation or urethrotomy prior to ISD. The study included 310 male patients with the age range from 17 to 93 years old from January 1996 to March 2007. The data was gathered(More)
BACKGROUND Much attention is being given to developing clinical practice guidelines for management of mental health disorders. The aim of this study was to field test a prototype protocol for the pharmacologic treatment of Major Depression. METHOD The protocol consisted of four, six week, treatment phases with critical choices in therapy defined by scores(More)
The proportions of cows showing oestrus during the first 5 days were 22%, 78% and 87X, and by 25 days were 85%, 92% and 98% for groups 1, 2 and 3 respectively. In group 3, 83% of animals had exhibited oestrus and 49% subsequently conceived to A.I. at the fixed time of 63h. Pregnancy rates after 25 days of mating as determined by rectal palpation were 46%,(More)
This is a prospective study that included 188 females who had bladder outflow problems, either due to urethral stricture disease or failure to empty the bladder. The data was taken from a computer database and included patient data since 11 years, who were on follow-up for their conditions. The women ranged from 23 to 97 years old, with a median value of 59(More)
A simple filtration system has been developed for the rapid collection of bovine embryos from large fluid volumes such as non-surgical uterine flushings. The technique utilizes a nylon plankton net sieve of 56 mum pore size and was evaluated on the non-surgical flushings of 18 superovulated cows. Approximately 500 ml of flushings from each uterine horn was(More)
Progesterone releasing intravaginal devices (PRIDs) were used in 4 experiments involving 67 cattle to study the effect of the stage of the oestrous cycle and of oestradiol benzoate (ODB) administration on the time interval from PRID removal to oestrus and/or ovulation. Cows in which PRIDs were inserted on days 2 to 4 of the oestrous cycle for 14 days were(More)
Fifty major depressed patients, resistant to multiple pharmacotherapies, were treated by the addition of moclobemide (up to 600 mg/day) to paroxetine or fluoxetine (20 mg/day) for 6 weeks in an open study to assess tolerability. There were 188 adverse events: insomnia, dizziness, headache, nausea, dry mouth and myoclonic jerks were the most common. Many(More)