Suzanne M. Stauffer

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School is out for most kids, and that can mean only one thing for librarians-summer reading program! Children's librarians across the nation have spent months planning activities, booking performers, and purchasing reading logs, bookmarks, and incentives to motivate children to read during the summer to maintain their ability and to help them develop a love(More)
Librarians have always discussed methods of developing children's interest in reading, but they have focused more on the books being read than on the act of reading. Although many touted the need to " establish the reading habit, " a closer reading of the literature reveals that this referred specifically to reading " good books, " those which socialized(More)
After the renunciation of polygamy, Mormon women formed secular women's clubs as a means of collaborating with non-Mormon women in the construction of a shared secular society. Their common goal was the establishment and maintenance of the mainstream American social order. Activity in these clubs extended women's sphere into the public realm through(More)
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