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MOTIVATION Bioinformatics requires reusable software tools for creating model-organism databases (MODs). RESULTS The Pathway Tools is a reusable, production-quality software environment for creating a type of MOD called a Pathway/Genome Database (PGDB). A PGDB such as EcoCyc (see http://ecocyc.org) integrates our evolving understanding of the genes,(More)
Pathway Tools is a production-quality software environment for creating a type of model-organism database called a Pathway/Genome Database (PGDB). A PGDB such as EcoCyc integrates the evolving understanding of the genes, proteins, metabolic network and regulatory network of an organism. This article provides an overview of Pathway Tools capabilities. The(More)
EcoCyc is an organism-specific Pathway/Genome Database that describes the metabolic and signal-transduction pathways of Escherichia coli, its enzymes, and-a new addition-its transport proteins. MetaCyc is a new metabolic-pathway database that describes pathways and enzymes of many different organisms, with a microbial focus. Both databases are queried using(More)
MetaCyc is a metabolic-pathway database that describes 445 pathways and 1115 enzymes occurring in 158 organisms. MetaCyc is a review-level database in that a given entry in MetaCyc often integrates information from multiple literature sources. The pathways in MetaCyc were determined experimentally, and are labeled with the species in which they are known to(More)
The encyclopedia of Escherichia coli genes and metabolism (EcoCyc) is a database that combines information about the genome and the intermediary metabolism of E.coli. The database describes 3030 genes of E.coli , 695 enzymes encoded by a subset of these genes, 595 metabolic reactions that occur in E.coli, and the organization of these reactions into 123(More)
The Pathway Tools cellular overview diagram is a visual representation of the biochemical network of an organism. The overview is automatically created from a Pathway/Genome Database describing that organism. The cellular overview includes metabolic, transport and signaling pathways, and other membrane and periplasmic proteins. Pathway Tools supports(More)
The annotation of the Escherichia coli K-12 genome in the EcoCyc database is one of the most accurate, complete and multidimensional genome annotations. Of the 4460 E. coli genes, EcoCyc assigns biochemical functions to 76%, and 66% of all genes had their functions determined experimentally. EcoCyc assigns E. coli genes to Gene Ontology and to MultiFun.(More)
1 The GKB Editor is a generic editor and browser of knowledge bases (KBs) and ontologies — generic in the sense that it is portable across several frame knowledge representation systems (FRSs). This generality is possible because the GKB Editor performs all KB access operations using a generic application programming interface to FRSs called the Generic(More)