Suzanne M. Henwood

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This paper presents the first version of an internationally-developed glossary of terms for structural developmental abnormalities in common laboratory animals. The glossary is put forward by the International Federation of Teratology Societies (IFTS) Committee on International Harmonization of Nomenclature in Developmental Toxicology, and represents(More)
Obtaining informed consent for dental and medical treatment is a fundamental ethical and legal responsibility for all clinicians. It is an opportunity for patients to have healthcare that is based on their informed choice. The assessment of a patient's competence is an essential part of the consent process and clinicians need to be aware that patients can(More)
Objective To assess the effectiveness of a novel imaginal intervention for people with acrophobia. Methods The design was a randomized controlled trial with concealed randomization and blinded to other participants' intervention. The intervention was a single novel imaginal intervention session or a 15-min meditation. The setting was in Auckland, New(More)
INTRODUCTION Qualitative research is lacking regarding the experiences of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologists and their involvement in workplace safety practices. This article provides a gateway to explore, describe and document experiences of MRI technologists in New Zealand (NZ) pertaining to intra-orbital metallic foreign body (IMFB) safety(More)
INTRODUCTION This study seeks to add to current literature a descriptive account of the lived experience of radiographers' transition to, and experiences of, management roles and identifies additional resources and support that are perceived as being beneficial for this transition. METHODS This study employed a descriptive phenomenological stance. Using(More)
Radiation-induced enteritis is an acute side effect patients may experience when receiving radiation therapy to the pelvis, due to radiation damage to the small bowel. This unwanted effect can be significantly reduced for some patients if their bladder is full when they have treatment, which pushes the small bowel superiorly out of the treatment area.(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper outlines findings from a broader, two-year project investigating the role of Consultant Radiographers (CRs) in the UK, focussing specifically on the leadership aspect of that role. METHODS Using a qualitative-thematic approach, the leadership-related experiences of a purposive sample of six participating CRs are explored, alongside(More)
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