Suzanne Lane

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The ability to computationally extract mentions of neuroanatomical regions from the literature would assist linking to other entities within and outside of an article. Examples include extracting reports of connectivity or region-specific gene expression. To facilitate text mining of neuroscience literature we have created a corpus of manually annotated(More)
MOTIVATION Automated annotation of neuroanatomical connectivity statements from the neuroscience literature would enable accessible and large-scale connectivity resources. Unfortunately, the connectivity findings are not formally encoded and occur as natural language text. This hinders aggregation, indexing, searching and integration of the reports. We(More)
MOTIVATION Many microarray datasets are available online with formalized standards describing the probe sequences and expression values. Unfortunately, the description, conditions and parameters of the experiments are less commonly formalized and often occur as natural language text. This hinders searching, high-throughput analysis, organization and(More)
Graphical abstracts---visual representations of the central concepts in an article---are emerging as a genre in STEM fields. Originally used in Chemistry to represent the primary molecules and reactions under investigation, graphical abstracts have spread to other science and engineering fields, and in the process have evolved significantly, adapting for(More)
Nocardiosis is an uncommon bacterial gram-positive infection caused by aerobic actinomycetes in the genus Nocardia. Nocardiosis is typically regarded as an opportunistic infection with approximately two-thirds of infected patients being immunocompromised. In this case report we describe a 45-year-old female who presented with a right thigh abscess. She had(More)
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