Suzanne K. Minton

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Astrocytes comprise approximately half of the volume of the adult mammalian brain and are the primary neuronal structural and trophic supportive elements. Astrocytes are organized into distinct nonoverlapping domains and extend elaborate and dense fine processes that interact intimately with synapses and cerebrovasculature. The recognition in the mid 1990s(More)
Skeletal disorders and neural tube closure defects represent clinically significant human malformations. The signaling networks regulating normal skeletal patterning and neurulation are largely unknown. Targeted mutation of the active site lysine of MEK kinase 4 (MEKK4) produces a kinase-inactive MEKK4 protein (MEKK4(K1361R)). Embryos homozygous for this(More)
Seasonal influenza epidemics continue to cause significant morbidity and mortality, especially in high-risk subpopulations. The rise of drug-resistant influenza strains and high rates of vaccine mismatches drives the search for new safe and effective antiviral drugs. The purpose of this review was to summarize how mathematical models―viral kinetic models,(More)
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