Suzanne Heywood-Everett

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BACKGROUND Incorporating faith (religious or spiritual) perspectives into psychological treatments has attracted significant interest in recent years. However, previous suggestion that good psychiatric care should include spiritual components has provoked controversy. To try to address ongoing uncertainty in this field we present a systematic review and(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and evaluate an instrument to assess severity in anorexia nervosa (AN), the Clinician Administered Staging Instrument for Anorexia Nervosa (CASIAN). METHOD Candidate items for the CASIAN were developed in three phases (domain, content, and item generation) followed by a pilot study. The psychometric properties of the resultant 34-item(More)
Aims and method This paper describes the process of setting up and the early results from a new liaison psychiatry service in primary care for people identified as frequent general practice attenders with long-term conditions or medically unexplained symptoms. Using a rapid evidence synthesis, we identified existing service models, mechanisms to identify(More)
Treatment guidelines recommend evidence-based guided self-help (GSH) as the first stage of treatment for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. The current randomised control trial evaluated a cognitive behavioural therapy-based GSH pack, 'Working to Overcome Eating Difficulties,' delivered by trained mental health professionals in 6 sessions over 3(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to explore how guidance contributes to the outcome of self-help for disordered eating. METHOD A sample of guides and clients with a range of disordered eating was interviewed on completion of a randomized control trial and analysed using thematic framework analysis. RESULTS Four themes emerged; the necessity of having a guide(More)
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