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The primary goal of affordable housing is to lower the monthly housing costs for low-and moderate-income families. But research shows that affordable housing development also drives local economic growth. This fact sheet summarizes the different ways in which affordable housing § can contribute to rising employment and economic recovery. It stands to reason(More)
Bangladesh, a developing country of south-east Asia with large population has agricultural economy. It has severe shortage of electricity. The gas is the main fuel for electricity generation which is depleting very quickly. In recent days government has implemented high cost imported liquid fuel based electricity generation as a short time measure. It has(More)
AbouT CLEE the Center for Law, energy & the environment (CLee) channels the expertise of the Berkeley Law community into pragmatic policy solutions to environmental and energy challenges in California and across the nation. the Center works with government, business, and communities on initiatives that focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advancing(More)
Several benefits of collaborative research and guidelines for strengthening collaborative mechanisms have been described here, but the impetus for research and development of competent research teams must come from health professionals themselves. The literature makes it apparent that allied health professionals need to devote a considerable amount of(More)
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