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DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism involved in gene regulation and implicated in the functioning of the nervous system. The de novo DNA methyltransferase Dnmt3a is expressed in neurons, but its specific role has not been clarified. Dnmt3a is activated around embryonic day 10.5 in mouse neuronal precursor cells and remains active in postmitotic(More)
Aberrant gene silencing accompanied by DNA methylation is associated with neoplastic progression in many tumors that also show global loss of DNA methylation. Using conditional inactivation of de novo methyltransferase Dnmt3b in Apc(Min/+) mice, we demonstrate that the loss of Dnmt3b has no impact on microadenoma formation, which is considered the earliest(More)
This paper describes the integration of animation capabilities into a demonstrational interface builder. Basic interface behavior is defined using a technique called stimulus-response demonstration. To support animation, a number of new primitives have been added to specify paths, animated sprites, and timing control. These new capabilities have been(More)
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