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The Land Monitor Project is providing information over the southwest agricultural region of WA. It is assembling and processing sequences of Landsat TM data, a new high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) and other spatial data to provide monitoring information on the area of salt-affected land, and on changes in the area and status of perennial(More)
The southwest of Western Australia is affected by dryland salinity that results in the loss of previously productive agricultural land, damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, decline in pockets of remnant vegetation and biodiversity, and reduction in water quality. Accurate information on the location and rate of change of the extent of(More)
In perennial and natural vegetation systems, monitoring changes in vegetation over time is of fundamental interest for identifying and quantifying impacts of management and natural processes. Subtle changes in vegetation cover can be identified by calculating the trends of a vegetation density index over time. In this paper, we apply such an index-trends(More)
Australia's National Carbon Accounting System Land Cover Change Program (NCAS-LCCP) provides fine-scale monitoring of forest land cover changes for the continent and estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from land use and land use changes. It has been designed and developed by Australia's Department of Climate Change with major contributions from CSIRO and(More)
This report summarises the South Australian component of a project funded by the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (LWRRDC) on " Mapping Dryland Salinity " (CDM 2). The aims of the overall study are: • to map the extent and severity of dryland salinity in three catchments using multi-temporal Landsat TM data; and • to provide(More)
Land use changes associated with agriculture and forestry are a significant component in Australia's carbon budget. In response to the need to quantify the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, the capability for continental monitoring of land cover changes using Landsat data has been developed through collaboration between the Australian Department of(More)
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