Suzanne Flynn

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  • Marcelo Ferreira, B A Linguistics, M A Linguistics, Irene Heim, Noam Chomsky, Michel Degraff +33 others
  • 2006
This dissertation presents three studies based on the hypothesis that the domain of entities on which natural language interpretation relies includes a partially ordered sub-domain of events. In this sub-domain, we can identify singular and plural elements , the latter being characterizable as mereological sums having singular events as their minimal parts.(More)
  • Susan P Gaskell, A Rae Goodell, Robert K Kaynor, Robert J Lewis, Mary P Rowe, Constantine B Simonides +15 others
  • 2016
Preliminary versions of the two parts of our report are being distributed to the MIT community for corrections and comments. In the Fall we will make corrections and print a final version. That version will include a summary of comments with responses, and will be printed in Tech Talk. Many members of the MIT community assisted us in many ways. We would(More)
  • Lance Nathan, Chris Barker, Irene Heim, Sabine Iatridou, Polly Jacobson, David Pesetsky +4 others
  • 2004
The observation that determiner phrases can act as indirect questions dates back to Baker (1968). Such determiner phrases are known as concealed questions (CQs). The sentences in (1) provide a few examples of CQs and help illustrate the intuitions about their meanings. (1) a. Kim knows the governor of California. b. Leslie has forgotten the capital of(More)
While many consider Virginia Woolf to be one of the leading Modernist writers in the English artistic avant-garde movement, few take into consideration the challenges which she faced as she created some of her most critically acclaimed work. In this study I investigate the manifestation of both the Great War and an advanced understanding of the space-time(More)
  • Vitor Gaspar, Gerd Schwartz, Marco Cangiano, Benedict Clements, Richard Hughes, Holger Van Eden +31 others
  • 2015
IMF staff regularly produces papers proposing new IMF policies, exploring options for reform, or reviewing existing IMF policies and operations. The following document has been released and are included in this package: The report prepared by IMF staff and presented to the Executive Board in an informal session on June 5, 2015. Such informal sessions are(More)
We consider the regression or retrogenesis hypothesis, which argues that order of acquisition in development is reversed in neurodegeneration or pathology. Originally proposed as a regression hypothesis for the study of memory disorders, specifically retrograde amnesia, by Ribot (1881), it has been extended to the study of brain aging and pathology and to(More)
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