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The Cumulative-Enhancement Model for Language Acquisition: Comparing Adults' and Children's Patterns of Development in First, Second and Third Language Acquisition of Relative Clauses
In this paper we argue that investigation of third language (L3) acquisition by adults and children provides essential new insights about the language learning process that neither the study of firstExpand
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Applying Technology to Visually Support Language and Communication in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
The burgeoning role of technology in society has provided opportunities for the development of new means of communication for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This paper offers anExpand
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Second language acquisition: Theoretical and experimental issues in contemporary research
To what extent, if any, does Universal Grammar (UG) constrain second language (L2) acquisition? This is not only an empirical question, but one which is currently investigable. In this context, L2Expand
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A parameter-setting model of L2 acquisition
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Production vs. Comprehension: Differences in Underlying Competences
In this paper empirical data are presented that demonstrate significant differences in the manner in which two commonly used experimental tasks evaluate developing linguistic competence in adultExpand
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