Suzanne E. Palmer

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Copper porphyrins have been isolated from deep-sea sediments collected during six legs of the Deep Sea Drilling Project-International Program of Ocean Drilling. These pigments are present in depositional areas receiving high inputs of terrestrially derived oxidized organic matter. Such areas include the Black Sea, the Bay of Biscay, the Blake-Bahama Basin,(More)
Hurricanes are a persistent socio-economic hazard for countries situated in and around the Main Development Region (MDR) of Atlantic tropical cyclones. Climate-model simulations have attributed their interdecadal variability to changes in solar and volcanic activity, Saharan dust flux, anthropogenic greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions and heat transport(More)
We investigate effects of inhomogeneous broadening of excitons on normal mode oscillation in semiconductor microcavities using a coupled oscillator model. We show that inhomogeneous broadening can drastically alter the coherent oscillatory energy exchange process even in regimes where normal mode splitting remains nearly unchanged. The depth, frequency, and(More)
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