Suzanne E. Mitchell

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Parasite-mediated selection is potentially of great importance in modulating genetic diversity. Genetic variation for resistance, the fuel for natural selection, appears to be common in host-parasite interactions, but responses to selection are rarely observed. In the present study, we tested whether environmental variation could mediate infection and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine relationships between physical fitness and academic achievement in diverse, urban public school children. METHODS This cross-sectional study used public school data from 2004 to 2005. Academic achievement was assessed as a passing score on Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) achievement tests in Mathematics(More)
Natural populations vary tremendously in their susceptibility to infectious disease agents. The factors (environmental or genetic) that underlie this variation determine the impact of disease on host population dynamics and evolution, and affect our capacity to contain disease outbreaks and to enhance resistance in agricultural animals and disease vectors.(More)
To gain insight into parasite-mediated natural selection, we studied a natural population of the crustacean Daphnia magna during a severe epidemic of the bacterial parasite Pasteuria ramosa. We also investigated the relationship between susceptibility and the production of resting eggs, which are only produced during the sexual phase of reproduction. Live(More)
Depression affects approximately 15% of the US population, and is recognized as an important risk factor for poor outcomes among patients with various illnesses. Automated health education and behavior change programs have the potential to help address many of the shortcomings in health care. However, the role of these systems in the care of patients with(More)
Sex induction is environmentally stimulated in Daphnia and involves a cue-dependent response for sex determination. Somatic growth was shown to be similar in males and females during juvenile instars, but divergent due to a reduction in male somatic growth, at about the time that females produce ovaries. At this time, males appeared morphologically adult(More)
This paper describes an independent evaluation of a peer-led STD/HIV prevention intervention conducted by Gay Men Fighting AIDS (GMFA) in a public sex environment (PSE). A variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods were employed to collect data on the intervention process as well as its outcomes. The main aim of the intervention was the(More)
BACKGROUND Systems and tools are needed to identify and mitigate preconception health (PCH) risks, particularly for African American (AA) women, given persistent health disparities. We developed and tested "Gabby," an online preconception conversational agent system. METHODS One hundred nongravid AA women 18-34 years of age were screened for over 100 PCH(More)
Low health literacy is associated with higher mortality, higher rates of hospitalization, and poor self-management skills for chronic disease. Early, unplanned hospital reutilization after discharge is a common and costly occurrence in U.S. hospitals. Still, few studies have examined the relation between health literacy and 30-day hospital reutilization(More)
BACKGROUND Little evidence exists to determine whether depression predicts hospital utilization following discharge among adult inpatients on a general medical service. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine whether a positive depression screen during hospitalization is significantly associated with an increased rate of returning for hospital services. DESIGN(More)