Suzanne Dufrasne

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OBJECTIVE To compile a comprehensive profile of the participants who had predictive testing from Huntington disease (HD) between 1994 and 2008 in Montreal, Canada. METHOD This is a retrospective cohort study. The predictive testing protocol consisted of a telephone interview to give information about predictive testing and collect demographic data; a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess attitudes toward, and projected utilization of, direct mutation testing by individuals at risk for Huntington disease (HD). DESIGN Prior to the cloning of the gene for HD, a questionnaire concerning the use of a definitive test was constructed and mailed to 354 participants in the Canadian Collaborative Study for HD. Completed(More)
There are currently different research programs in place to assess the effects of predictive testing for a few late-onset disorders, including Huntington disease (HD) and familial cancers. Prior to providing predictive testing as a service, we sought the views of both the patients and the clinicians as to the importance and value of different items in a(More)
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