Suzanne Driscoll Plump

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The CLN1, CLN2 and CLN3 gene family of G1-acting cyclin homologs of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is functionally redundant: any one of the three Cln proteins is sufficient for activation of Cdc28p protein kinase activity for cell cycle START. The START event leads to multiple processes (including DNA replication and bud emergence); how Cln/Cdc28 activity(More)
In budding yeast, one of three G1 cyclins is required for progression though START, when cells commit to a further round of cell division. We have identified mutations inALG1 (ERC14), a gene required for N-glycosylation, which are inviable in acln1 cln2 background but are rescued by over-expression ofCLNs.CLN1 andCLN2 are much more efficient thanCLN3 in(More)
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