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The retention and speciation of selenium in flour and bread was determined following experimental applications of selenium fertilisers to a high-yielding UK wheat crop. Flour and bread were produced using standard commercial practices. Total selenium was measured using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and the profile of selenium species(More)
  • M D B G Chelton, M H Schlax, +20 authors Germany M A Bedau
  • 2004
upwelling circulations in the ocean, yielding colder ocean surface temperatures and additional nutrients for biological growth. The synergy of all these measurements makes the wind fields more valuable to science. Careful coordination of satellite research missions and ocean field programs (as in, for example, the World Ocean Circulation Experiment) were(More)
The seasonal evolution of sea ice loss in the Beaufort Sea during 1979–2012 is examined, focus-ing on differences between eastern and western sectors. Two stages in ice loss are identified: the Day of Opening (DOO) is defined as the spring decrease in ice concentration from its winter maximum below a value of 0.8 areal concentration; the Day of Retreat(More)
In this work, we explore the seasonal relationships (i.e., the phenology) between sea ice retreat, sea surface temperature (SST), and atmospheric heat fluxes in the Pacific Sector of the Arctic Ocean, using satellite and reanalysis data. We find that where ice retreats early in most years, maximum summertime SSTs are usually warmer, relative to areas with(More)
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