Suzanne Clare Brewerton

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Understanding the mode of action of small molecules is critical for drug research, both with respect to efficacy and anticipated side effects. Given that many compounds act on multiple targets simultaneously, it appears that linking single targets to outcomes is no longer sufficient. Hence, in this work we explore machine learning methods for rationalising(More)
MOTIVATION The ChEMBLSpace graphical explorer enables the identification of compounds from the ChEMBL database, which exhibit a desirable polypharmacology profile. This profile can be predefined or created iteratively, and the tool can be extended to other data sources.
A continuing problem in protein-ligand docking is the correct relative ranking of active molecules versus inactives. Using the ChemScore scoring function as implemented in the GOLD docking software, we have investigated the effect of scaling hydrogen bond, metal-ligand, and lipophilic interactions based on the buriedness of the interaction. Buriedness was(More)
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