Suzanne C. E. Diepstraten

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Adrenal abscess is an uncommon finding in neonates and young infants. It may have a fatal outcome if inadequately treated. This case report describes the successful diagnosis and treatment of a left-sided adrenal abscess in a 5-week-old girl. Abdominal US and antigranulocyte antibody-scintigraphy showed an encapsulated suprarenal mass with debris suspicious(More)
Radiofrequency-assisted intact specimen biopsy (RFIB) has been introduced for percutaneous biopsy or removal of breast tumors. Using radiofrequency cutting, the system enables the radiologist to obtain an intact sample of the target lesion. According to the IDEAL recommendations, we performed a critical evaluation of our initial experience with RFIB.(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to develop a multivariable model for prediction of underestimated invasiveness in women with ductal carcinoma in situ at stereotactic large core needle biopsy, that can be used to select patients for sentinel node biopsy at primary surgery. METHODS From the literature, we selected potential preoperative predictors of underestimated(More)
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