Suzanne Bell

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Recent efforts to reduce maternal mortality in developing countries have focused primarily on two long-term aims: training and deploying skilled birth attendants and upgrading emergency obstetric care facilities. Given the future population-level benefits, strengthening of health systems makes excellent strategic sense but it does not address the immediate(More)
A 50-fold disparity in maternal mortality exists between high- and low-income countries, and in most contexts, the single most common cause of maternal death is postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). In Bangladesh, as in many other low-income countries, the majority of deliveries are conducted at home by traditional birth attendants (TBAs) or family members. In the(More)
The wide gap in maternal mortality ratios worldwide indicates major inequities in the levels of risk women face during pregnancy. Two priority strategies have emerged among safe motherhood advocates: increasing the quality of emergency obstetric care facilities and deploying skilled birth attendants. The training of traditional birth attendants, a strategy(More)
The insertion of a chest drain catheter for the management of a pneumothorax in an 82-year-old woman resulted in the unusual complication of liver penetration. The position of the drain was assessed by contrast-enhanced computed tomographic scan. Because the patient was hemodynamically stable and no damage to major vessels was seen on computed tomographic(More)
A simple microfluidic device (MFD) has been developed to perform multiple color and crystal tests for controlled substance analysis. The MFD method uses less sample and reagents and generates less waste than traditional spot plate methods while performing several tests simultaneously. This methodology provides significantly more analytical information for a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate factors associated with a woman's willingness to pay (WTP) for injectable contraceptives in Tigray, Ethiopia. METHODS We used a multistage random sampling design to generate a representative sample of reproductive age women from the Central Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia to participate in a survey (N = 1490). Respondents who had ever(More)
All published and unpublished population frequency data that could be located for U.S. populations are tabulated and presented for the serum group systems haptoglobin (alpha-chain), group specific component, and transferrin and for the common beta-chain variants of hemoglobin. Results obtained by combining data for comparable racial/ethnic groups are also(More)
Fentanyl is a potent opioid analgesic that is increasingly becoming a choice drug of abuse. Fentanyl transdermal patches (FTPs) are easily obtained and consumed by smoking the reservoir gel and/or the whole patch. This allows for an increased bioavailability when inhaled. A method using analytical pyrolysis was developed to identify possible biomarkers(More)
This review summarizes the literature to date relating to pyrolysis and heated vapour ingestion of drugs of abuse. In this context, heating is referred to as smoking or pyrolysis, but these are generic descriptors that encompass numerous methods of vapour generation and inhalation. Depending on the amount of drug used, diluents and contaminants present,(More)
The organic components of gunshot residue (OGSR, also called firearms discharge residue (FDR) or cartridge discharge residue (CDR)) have been studied and discussed in the literature. These residues, consisting of particulates such as burned and unburned powder as well as molecular compounds, are rarely used in casework except for purposes such as shooting(More)