Suzanne A. Pierce

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In January 2008 at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged business and political leaders that the looming crisis over water shortages should be at the top of the global agenda in an effort to prevent conflicts over the growing scarcity of freshwater supplies. By 2025, more than half the nations in the(More)
B O N A V EN T U RE /A FP /G ET T Y IM A G ES RE U PRESS M ore than a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and two billion have inadequate sanitation. This is despite two international decades, a millennium declaration goal, two international years and a string of global celebratory days — all dedicated to drinking-water or sanitation.(More)
Geoscientists now live in a world rich with digital data and methods, and their computational research cannot be fully captured in traditional publications. The Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) presents an approach to fully document, share, and cite all their research products including data, software, and computational provenance. This article proposes(More)
System dynamics modelling includes a set of conceptual and numerical methods that are used to understand the structure and behaviour of complex systems, such as socio-ecological systems. A system dynamics model represents the causal relationships, feedback loops, and delays that are thought to generate the system behaviour. System dynamics is widely used(More)
Integrated modelling and environmental decision support are increasingly important as society tackles some of the most complex challenges of our generation, with impacts on future generations. When integrated modelling is successful, the results can be transformational yet the core elements for generating that success are not always clear. There is an(More)
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