Suzanne A. Al-Bustan

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APOAI, a member of the APOAI/CIII/IV/V gene cluster on chromosome 11q23-24, encodes a major protein component of HDL that has been associated with serum lipid levels. The aim of this study was to determine the genetic association of polymorphisms in the APOAI promoter region with plasma lipid levels in a cohort of healthy Kuwaiti volunteers. A 435 bp region(More)
Warfarin is the most widely prescribed oral anticoagulant worldwide. The narrow therapeutic index and the large variation in the inter-individual dose of warfarin are problematic, since the side effects can be lethal. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in CYP2C9 and VKORC1 have been shown to significantly affect warfarin dosage toleration and this effect(More)
Stictodora tridactyla is an intestinal fluke in the family Heterophyidae that parasitizes shorebirds and mammals, including humans. Its metacercarial cyst stage was reported in the Arabian killifish, Aphanius dispar, at Kuwait Bay. In the present study, Cerithidea cingulata was found to serve as the first intermediate host of S. tridactyla. In order to(More)
Several studies have identified APOB as a candidate gene predisposing individuals to dyslipidemia. Polymorphisms including the signal peptide (rs11279109), codon 2488 XbaI (rs1042031), codon 3611 MspI (rs693), codon 4154 EcoRI (rs1801701) and the 3’ variable number of tandem repeats have been reported to be associated with dyslipidemia in several(More)
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