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BACKGROUND Brief screening instruments appear to be a viable way of detecting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but none has yet been adequately validated. AIMS To test and cross-validate a brief instrument that is simple to administer and score. METHOD Forty-one survivors of a rail crash were administered a questionnaire, followed by a structured(More)
OBJECTIVE In a group of crime victims, the authors investigated overlap between acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnoses and their relative ability to predict PTSD at 6 months. METHOD A mixed-sex group of 157 victims of violent assault were interviewed within 1 month of the crime. At the 6-month follow-up, 87.9% were(More)
BACKGROUND Single-session psychological interventions such as psychological debriefing have become widely used following traumatic events. The evidence for their effectiveness has been widely debated. This review aimed to consider the evidence for the effectiveness of one-off early interventions within 1 month of a traumatic event. METHODS A systematic(More)
Abstract Lesbian dating and courtship were explored based on interviews with 38 predominantly white lesbians (ages 22-63) representing young adult, adult, and midlife age groups. Friendship was found to be the most widely used courtship script across all age groups, followed by the sexually explicit and romance scripts, with friendship and romance scripts(More)
Starting in the 1960s, feminists argued that the discipline of psychology had neglected the study of women and gender and misrepresented women in its research and theories. Feminists also posed many questions worthy of being addressed by psychological science. This call for research preceded the emergence of a new and influential body of research on gender(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is highly prevalent within individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, and is associated with an increased risk of suicide. There are no current evidence based treatments for low mood within this group. The specific targeting of co-morbid conditions within complex mental health problems lends itself to the development of short-term(More)
Abstract The impact of lesbian group membership upon physical appearance was examined among 81 young lesbians (ages 18-30) who participated in a questionnaire study. Most participants indicated making distinct but modest changes in their physical appearance after coming out as lesbians. These changes were in the direction of their pre-coming out conceptions(More)
We examined the scripts associated with heterosexual Hispanic and White young adults' most recent initial sexual or romantic encounter using two samples of heterosexual undergraduates: 224 Hispanic students (49% female) and 316 White students (51% female). Scripts were identified for three types of encounters: dating, hanging out, and hooking up. The three(More)
BACKGROUND A large body of research has identified that many therapists do not use research to inform their practice, but few studies investigate the reasons behind this. AIMS The current study seeks to understand what sources therapists use to inform their practice and why they are chosen. METHOD Thirty-three interviews with psychological therapists in(More)